Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mechanical Oddities: They're Not Dead Until They Stop Talking

They're Not Dead Until They Stop Talking, by Kate Harrad

"The problem was the oven. My grandfather was holed up in it and he wouldn’t leave either. My Uncle John lived -- resided, I mean -- in the toaster. I didn’t even know the ghost who occupied my CD player, but she complained about modern music a lot."

Mechanical Oddities: The Problem of Friction

The Problem of Friction, by David Walton

"It is true that Mr. Middleton was regarded in some circles to be mad, but the greatest minds of an era are always underestimated. "

Mechanical Oddities: Matilda

Matilda, by Jon Hansen

"The next is the young man as well, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next. Each time she focuses on him with the eye and the drum and the fuser and the finisher, each one as perfect as the last. Except perhaps the line on the blank face. Is that growing wider?"

Mechanical Oddities: Dutch Boy Roller Coaster Blue 14-F5

Dutch Boy Roller Coaster Blue 14-F5, by Jay Lake and Jenn Reese

"I'm here. And I ain't going nowhere else, ever again. I've got eleven feathers in my right hand and a sword twitching in my left to prove it."

Mechanical Oddities: The Epistemology of Bread

The Epistemology of Bread, by Lawrence M. Schoen

"Toasters don't have sex, but languages have gender; for linguistic purposes think of Crel as feminine, specifically 1600 watts feminine."

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lenox Avenue, Reviewed

Lit Haven reviews issue #7:
"In its first year, Lenox Avenue managed to have one of its stories reprinted in a Year’s Best anthology. Since then, they’ve gone on to publish some of the most innovative speculative literary fiction online. A year later, they’re still going strong and will hopefully continue to do so."